The Tiny family consist of four different designs, two in the number series, and two in the color series.

20170119 Tinys

The smallest of all Tiny's is the Tiny One, with 14 sqm inside space. It houses a separate bathroom and a studio.

tiny float januari 2017 (1)

Imagine, sitting on the terrace in front of your Tiny Blue, the largest Tiny Float. With a wonderful view over the water.

20170119 N001 Tiny one and red Render 3 copy

The Tiny One houses a large terrace in front of the studio. It is included in the outer shell. .

tiny one januari 2017

The Tiny Two, the big brother of the Tiny One has more inside space and a terrace at the side.

20170228 N002 Tiny two copy

Imagine your Tiny One in a marina, between all kind of yachts.

20170321 N001 Tiny one wit 2017-03-21 16090400000

One of the options of the Tiny One is an outside kitchen. At the side of the terrace.


20170321 N001 Tiny one witzwart 2017-03-22 15020400000