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"Imagine, a vacation home, floating on the water, with the luxury of a normal land based house. Having a breakfast on the terrace, after breakfast you can take your small boat to sail through the surroundings.

After a long day of sailing you return to your Tiny Float to spend the rest of the evening on your terrace to enjoy the silence of the water."

This is the feeling Tiny Floats can give you.


What is a Tiny Float?

Tiny Floats are small floating structurers designed by Waterstudio.NL, compare well with the Tiny Houses, better known as small houses with a maximum size of 45sqm, most of the time self-supporting. Tiny Houses came over from the USA and now spread all over Europe. The houses are designed to contain all the main facilities of a normal house but, in a more efficient and smaller space.

In addition to the similarities there are differences as well. Two of the most important differences are the use of the products. Tiny Houses are most of the time introvert and self-centered, while Tiny Floats are connected to the water and other surroundings because of their terrace.

After all, the biggest difference is the subsurface. Tiny Houses are based on land, while Tiny Floats are based on water. The floating base not only serves in an unique habitat. But also in a safer environment, after all: there is no langer a floodrisk because of the floating base.

Thanks to the compact size of the Tiny Floats they are fast and easy to transport and finish them on there final destination. The standardized sizes make it possible to transport the Tiny Floats without special permits.

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